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I like to say that developing minds are the greatest achievement man ever got, its the real hope and destiny of man, I am not rich enough and do not holding a post that is very prestigious or enviable but I assure you will feel respectful no matter you are white or black, ethnic or not, just being a man and have a rationality that holds the best luck the universe offers for a man over other animals and matters lie within. Hope you will enjoy being a man

Those who oppose Islam, do not know much about it as well as do not know what will be the best in his life.

When a baby tries to do a new thing his mother follow and do not let him do those things that are harmful to the baby so does Islam, either you know the reason or not its behavioral issues do not let you do harmful activities such as use tobacco in any way, use alcohol, sexual activities without issues, to save the society. Islam has sure do's and don'ts and sure have punishment when some one commits and claims the proof is present.  But be sure that Muslims are not prone to search what people are doing in their homes or in lonely places except some one claims and can prove him/herself about doing some faults and asking justice. It is rather prohibited in Islam to predict some one as guilty who is trying to do harm for any one or for the society. 

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